Really, really, really, really, really didn’t want to go for a run today.

This running every day lark is punishing, but I dragged myself out and did the usual 10km course, still tracking about 13 minutes behind my PB for the distance. In the next few days I’m going to try a flatter course and push myself a bit, but today was not that day, and I was just happy to make it. Not a lot of interest happened. At one point I considered taking my pants off. I’m not going to go into any more detail than that, but I will assure you that I finally decided not to.

The big news in camp runningthomas was the arrival of 8 new piglets on the farm. Or possibly nine. It’s quite hard to count them. Here’s a photo of the proud mother:

Initially we thought we had seven, but another one or two popped out later on. It seemed logical at seven to name them after the seven dwarves. My 8 year old misheard and thought we should name them after the dwarves in the Hobbit. After some argument back and forth we decided that Thorin Porkenshield was quite a majestic name for a piglet, and we’d name the others along similar lines tomorrow.

I haven’t the willpower to write much more, but I did get an interesting spam message pop into my inbox yesterday in response to my rant against sports elitism. “Richard” from Human Kinetics says he loves the blog! Thanks Richard! He also wants to give me a free e-book about “breathing muscle training” and direct all of my readers to his site. Apparently the art of “powerbreathing” is all the rage, and taking the athletics world by storm. I’m afraid, Richard, that I must publicly decline your e-book and can offer no endorsement of your training methodology. I follow an alternative technique. Using the runthomasrun “Breathing Methodology” I simply consume sufficient oxygen to power myself through whatever task I’m performing utilising freely available gasses. My technique has certain dangers – if you refrain from my “Breathing Methodology” for prolonged periods it can damage brain function – however it is a tried and tested method which many carbon based life forms have been exploiting for millennia. My book will be out soon, and hopefully, dear readers, you’ll buy it instead of Richard’s.

Anyway, I’m tired and I need a poo. I will see you tomorrow – remember, Thursday is the exciting day when I finally get my new French glasses. I AM EXCITED! The perpetual nuclear winter I’m living in can come an end, and I can feel the sun on my cheeks once more.

8 thoughts on “Piglets!

  1. iliketocount says:

    You, sir, are a star! Superb blogging from day one.
    Keep up the good words and the paces, you’re putting many of us truly to shame.

  2. Well done on another 10k – I’ve only managed one 10k a week with a few smaller distances in between! The piglets look lovely – hope they thrive! Good luck with the glasses tomorrow

  3. swimcyclerun says:

    Pants are overrated! Good to see you’re still putting in the miles… and keep breathing!

  4. nicky192 says:

    That is the cutest thing I have seen this year. Most excellent pig name and I loved the blog. I have accepted Richard’s offer because I LOVE the latest fad and free things and having something to write about whilst I’m injured and I can practice breathing whilst foam rollering right?

  5. Kenny Scott says:

    I note there is still no list of awesome things about the French in your blog (although I had one hell of a day at work today and am pretty tired, so maybe I missed it). I don’t have any for you either. My wife’s brother (he who lives in France) phoned her yesterday for the first time in about a year, and we assumed it was to ask her what she wanted for her birthday next week. Alas, no. So I can’t add “Great at remembering their relatives’ birthdays!” to your list.

    “Near the brilliant autobahns of Germany”. That’s the best thing I can think of about France right now. I’ll get back to you with more if I think of any.

  6. fortnightflo says:

    Got directed to your blog from abradypus – bloody brilliant. Was feeling quite stroppy tonight and peed off with all things running, a glass of good (not french) red wine and your blog have sorted me right out! Cheers!

  7. henniemavis says:

    Aw, piglets! I could hardly read the rest of this one, that’s how compelling the piglets photo was 🙂

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