Day 3 – Rain!

  • Distance: 5km
  • Total Distance: 20km

So, Day 1 was bloody freezing, Day 2 was foggy and Day 3 featured torrential rain. All part of the unique experience that is Janathon, I suppose. My legs were very sore this morning, and a few hours of trying to load 240 tons of stuff into a small hatchback didn’t help.

It took some effort to strap the GPS on and get out there, but strap and run I did and I enjoyed it. Nothing very impressive – just another slow amble through the French countryside, or what I could see of it through sheets of rain. I sacked off after 5k – the distances are not that impressive so far, but I’ll crank things up next week.

I’m setting off tonight for Calais – but thanks to some incompetent planning (and a 6 hour drive either side) I’ll need to sleep in a lay-by tonight before catching the ferry first thing tomorrow. Only after filling the car have I realised that I can no longer recline the front seat, so it’ll be a night of sitting bolt upright like a startled giraffe….

If you’re planning to drive along the M4 tomorrow then give any small black cars you see a wide berth…..

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One thought on “Day 3 – Rain!

  1. plustenner says:

    good luck – travel safely

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