Day 10 (and 11)

(whisper) Don’t tell Jen. Two days in one blog post….

  • Distance – 7.5km and 6km
  • Total Distance – 82km 

According to Runningfree I’m up to 82km, which seems about right (I did a few x.xkm runs which have added up). One of the runs this weekend (the first one) was down a very steep hill and then up it again. I’ve never been a big fan of hills and this did nothing to change my mind. Thankfully my poor short-suffering girlfriend has solved my bleedy-foot issue by removing the Wolverine claws from my feet.

The run tonight was in fairly horrendous conditions and I lost heart at about 6km and decided to come home and hide in the shower. Surprising amount of drunk people around for a Sunday – the run was more like a slalom course than usual.

I would write more but I’ve got a really important essay to get in tomorrow and I’m stuck on a tricky sentence where I use the phrase “magic unicorn” without context or explanation. Which I’m also going to do here.


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