Day 12 – Knee Naw Knee Naw

  • Distance – 11km
  • Total Distance – 93km

Running often hurts. It’s a normal thing to have to run when a bit of you is aching, or bleeding or falling off. But I’ve managed to hurt my knee and it has the ominous feeling of an injury that won’t be OK in the morning. Sadface. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but it was fairly twingy throughout the run and later in the afternoon during a walk up to university it pretty much gave up altogether. Double sadface. Still, there’s always hope a good hard sleeping will sort it out. Or Deep Heat. The actual run was very pleasant though – even if it absolutely chucked it down.

I ended up at Aberystwyth’s out-of-town industrial estate which was full of absolutely fascinating shops that I never knew existed. We have a Screwfix! I never knew we had a Screwfix. I have no particular reason to go in a Screwfix, but I’m happy it’s there. The rest of the day was a mix of wildly exciting (new fibre broadband!) and wildly annoying (the impenetrability of Biostatistics!). The new Internet is quite fast, but not ostentatiously so and the statistics are just bloody rubbish. 4 hours today learning about ANOVA, which sounds like a female Slovakian tennis player but is a way of doing…. things… with groups of…. other things…. to find out a thingy number. I really don’t know. More of that tomorrow though, so I’m hoping the knee sorts itself out or it’s going to be a well depressing 48 hours….

One thought on “Day 12 – Knee Naw Knee Naw

  1. plustenner says:

    fingers crossed!

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