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Day 19 and 20

  • Total Distance – 137km

Well, I ran both days. Odd distances I can’t quite remember (almost 7km and almost 8km I think). I forgot to blog yesterday because I got attacked and rendered unconscious by some very strong cider.

The leg was sore both days (and is bloody agony at the moment), so clearly I haven’t shrugged off whatever the injury is. The pain only seems to kick in past about the 4km mark, so I might just have to accept a few more days of rather crap distances.

As I was rather disenchanted by everything and had nothing in the fridge for tea I went to get a kebab. I was proud to see that my local kebab shop has reached the final round of the national kebab championships (Outside London category) and had a congratulatory letter from the local MP on the wall. There is a strange mixture of pride and self-revulsion when your local kebab shop is in the running to be the best in the UK. I feel conflicted emotions.

I also feel sick after the kebab, and like every time I eat one swear I’ll never eat one again. This time I really mean it.

Day 13 – Knee No

  • Distance – 0km (though I did go for an hour long walk)
  • Total distance – no change

It’s been an agonising decision (in more ways than one) but I’m taking an official Janathon day off to let the knee recover. It was very twingy on the walk to and from uni and still feels odd now. I’m going for a run first thing tomorrow, so rather than stress the cheeky joint I’ll give it time to chill out and get its shit together.

Most of the day was spent wrestling with statistics once again. My brain is starting to feel like the rest of my body – broken, aching and exhausted.