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Day 26 – Dot Dot Dash Dash Dot Dot

Total Distance – 157km

I have limped, figuratively and literally up to 157km. Over the space of 5 days I’ve managed 2 very painful shortish runs and one bafflingly pain free longer one. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to when my knee flares up – though I think it’s closely related to whether I tackle hills or not. With 5 days to go I’d like to sneak close to a respectable 200km for the month, but it’s a lottery each day as to whether I can limp 40ft or breeze along for 10kkm. We shall see….


Day 16 – Kneeckered

  • Distance – 7.5km
  • Total Distance – 115km

Well, I think that’s the knee properly knackered now. Stupidly decided to run up and down some steep hills – and it agonisingly gave out a crazy distance from home. What followed was a limping, painful drag back to the flat. We’ll see what tomorrow brings, but this might be 1 or 2 days out. Sadface.gif.

Day 12 – Knee Naw Knee Naw

  • Distance – 11km
  • Total Distance – 93km

Running often hurts. It’s a normal thing to have to run when a bit of you is aching, or bleeding or falling off. But I’ve managed to hurt my knee and it has the ominous feeling of an injury that won’t be OK in the morning. Sadface. I’m not entirely sure how it happened, but it was fairly twingy throughout¬†the run and later in the afternoon during a walk up to university it pretty much gave up altogether. Double sadface. Still, there’s always hope a good hard sleeping will sort it out. Or Deep Heat. The actual run was very pleasant though – even if it absolutely chucked it down.

I ended up at Aberystwyth’s out-of-town industrial estate which was full of absolutely fascinating shops that I never knew existed. We have a Screwfix! I never knew we had a Screwfix. I have no particular reason to go in a Screwfix, but I’m happy it’s there. The rest of the day was a mix of wildly exciting (new fibre broadband!) and wildly annoying (the impenetrability of Biostatistics!). The new Internet is quite fast, but not ostentatiously so and the statistics are just bloody rubbish. 4 hours today learning about ANOVA, which sounds like a female Slovakian tennis player but is a way of doing…. things… with groups of…. other things…. to find out a¬†thingy number. I really don’t know. More of that tomorrow though, so I’m hoping the knee sorts itself out or it’s going to be a well depressing 48 hours….

Day 4 – Travel

  • Distance – 7m
  • Total Distance – 27km

2 countries. 450 miles. 1 ferry. No sleep. 1 stumbling late night 7km run. This is a recipe for limited comedy on the runthomasrun blog. That’s all you’re getting today.


So it’s over. 31 days of hell, finished. Finis.

Lets look at the stats:

Total km: 350

Total amount of time running (hours): 34

Place on Janathon leaderboard: 8

Average km run each day: 11.29

PB’s achieved: 0

Times I ran as fast as I could: 0

Blog posts: 31

Blog posts that insulted the French: 31

Regrets: 6

Welts: 1

Bad backs: 2

Pairs of shorts consigned to dustbin due to excessive groinal ventilation: 1

Contact lenses lost in haystacks: 1

Pensioners scared: 3

Onions consumed on pizza: 0

Haircuts: 1

Good haircuts: 0

Piglets: 10


Public wees: 16

Porcelain Jesus: 0

Chance of me doing this again, expressed in binary: 0


Big thanks to Cathy for organising the event, and I might see you all for Juneathon… maybe.


Nothing to report today. Dragged myself at a half run/half walking pace for just over 5km. Knee hurts, bum hurts, head hurts.

Deep breath. Will refocus for tomorrow.