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Day 17 and 18

  • Distance – 0km and 7km
  • Total Distance – 122km

Well Day 17 was a write off. My knee was a mess. It was sore even walking on it. After an internal debate I decided to take the super-wuss option of a second day off in Janathon. Unprecedented. Amazing scenes. Etc. Expecting the knee to still be terrible today it was something of a surprise that the Day 18 run was not only easy, but transformatively faster than anything I’ve run so far this month. This was partially due to a combination of nice weather and the feeling of joy when a body part is overperforming, but also because I was tormenting runners on the prom by chasing them down and running past them at high speed. Some would call this competitive spirit, others might call it “being an arsehole” – either way it is one of life’s simple pleasures to power past someone half your age wearing very expensive running equipment while trying very, very hard to appear nonchalant while doing so.

Unfortunately all this nonchalant fast-running meant I ran out of puff early and had to stop at 7km. These trials and tribulations have set me adrift of the top 10. I need that nee to hold things together next week. Both our respective dignities are at stake.

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Day 15 – Get to da choppa

  • Distance – 7.5km
  • Total Distance – 7.5km

Just a quick update as I have to rush.

Epic run today – through gale force winds, hail and sleet. Made all the more epic by watching the Coastguard at work, either trying to rescue someone or just practising their mad skills in their big yellow helicopter. With the weather how it was it made it all the more impressive as they hovered just above the sea and played chicken with cliffs….

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Day 14 – “I get knocked down, but I get up again”

  • Distance – 7km
  • Total Distance – 100km

Whatever happened to Chumbawamba? Surely Burnley’s biggest export behind Sir Ian McKellan and Sean Dyche’s ridiculous voice. I would google them but…. I can’t arsed.

Anyhoo – That’s the 100 for the month up (about 63 miles). Not as impressive as years gone by, but I’m just clinging on to 8th place on the leaderboard.


Auswomble is a freak of nature – nobody runs as far as him. But I’d be right up there in and around second if I was properly fighting fit/motivated – a little depressing. I think I’ll try to overtake Trevstarr though – if only because I disapprove of the use of two r’s in quick succession in a name. Even if it is his actual second name, there is still no excuse. When I was at school I used to know a boy called Mike Starr and he always had a better computer than me, so I’m dealing with a lot of repressed emotions here, clearly.

More positively – I went for a lovely run today with an old friend, and it was a fairly gentle 7km without any pain. Lovely to see him – we haven’t met in person for years and years – and especially nice to meet while we trotted around Aberystwyth. The weather was lovely too. Even an afternoon and evening wrestling with the Biostatistics Beast couldn’t dispel the general air of a good day….

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Day 10 (and 11)

(whisper) Don’t tell Jen. Two days in one blog post….

  • Distance – 7.5km and 6km
  • Total Distance – 82km 

According to Runningfree I’m up to 82km, which seems about right (I did a few x.xkm runs which have added up). One of the runs this weekend (the first one) was down a very steep hill and then up it again. I’ve never been a big fan of hills and this did nothing to change my mind. Thankfully my poor short-suffering girlfriend has solved my bleedy-foot issue by removing the Wolverine claws from my feet.

The run tonight was in fairly horrendous conditions and I lost heart at about 6km and decided to come home and hide in the shower. Surprising amount of drunk people around for a Sunday – the run was more like a slalom course than usual.

I would write more but I’ve got a really important essay to get in tomorrow and I’m stuck on a tricky sentence where I use the phrase “magic unicorn” without context or explanation. Which I’m also going to do here.


Day 7 – Week 1 done

  • Distance – 10km
  • Total Distance – 50km

Well, that’s Day 7. Hard to be all that jovial after the rather grim events in Paris today – so I’ll keep this short. Slightly longer today – a lovely 10km run through the wind and rain, along the beach, up a hill, around the town and back along the beach again. My feet are taking a beating, with bloody toenails and searing pain along the bottom, but that normally clears up in a few days. I was talking on Facebook again today about ultra marathons., I have run an ultra distance a couple of times (just over 60km) when training for an 80k (which didn’t happen due to an organisational cock up). I swore the training burden was too high and I’d never get myself back to that point again – but it’s a lingering ambition. I think to make it happen I’d need to agree to do it with someone else – that would provide the impetus to train (and the motivation on the day to finish) – but I don’t think it’s a 2015 target. Perhaps next year….

Sigh. Anyway – I’m fairly depressed with the world in general. So that’s that for now….

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Day 6 – Exploration

  • Distance – 6km
  • Total distance – 40km

Set off with the intention of running a decent distance, but ended up running about 3km in one direction (along the beach) then running 3km back in the other direction (quite close to the beach). Once I got back to the start I didn’t have the heart to do any more, so I sacked it in. My terrible distances have seen me cut hopelessly adrift from the Janathon top ten, languishing down in 13th place. But, I did find a nice new route which can be glued onto my existing one to make it a little longer.

The weather has been suspiciously good the past couple of days, I’m expecting an ice-storm tomorrow or meteor strike.

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Day 5 – Sockblood

  • Distance – 7km
  • Total Distance – 34km

Ah, the unique runner’s pleasure of deciding to wear white socks for a run and then finding one of your toenails has decided to get bluddy-wid-it. When toenails are starting to protest then that’s normally a sign that the running shoes need to go – which will be a little sad as I’ve quite enjoyed my current pair (a jaunty red colour with those no-lace-laces you get on triathalon shoes). Apart from toeblood it was another 7km tootle around Aberystwyth today with little incident. The weather is really rather lovely and I’ve found a nice route that culminates in the last 3 km running down the prom, alongside the sea.

Another couple of days while all my bits shoogle into place and then I’ll start pushing the distance a bit, as I’m hopelessly off the pace on the Janathon leaderboard. I know it’s not all about the competition, but I have my dignity to think of.

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