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Day 15 – Get to da choppa

  • Distance – 7.5km
  • Total Distance – 7.5km

Just a quick update as I have to rush.

Epic run today – through gale force winds, hail and sleet. Made all the more epic by watching the Coastguard at work, either trying to rescue someone or just practising their mad skills in their big yellow helicopter. With the weather how it was it made it all the more impressive as they hovered just above the sea and played chicken with cliffs….

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Day 9 – Rain, Rain, Rain, Run, Rain

  • Distance – 8km
  • Total Distance – 68km

Another cheeky 8km in the pouring rain, toes a-bleeding, feet a-hurting. Pace is starting to pick up though, which is encouraging….

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Day 3 – Rain!

  • Distance: 5km
  • Total Distance: 20km

So, Day 1 was bloody freezing, Day 2 was foggy and Day 3 featured torrential rain. All part of the unique experience that is Janathon, I suppose. My legs were very sore this morning, and a few hours of trying to load 240 tons of stuff into a small hatchback didn’t help.

It took some effort to strap the GPS on and get out there, but strap and run I did and I enjoyed it. Nothing very impressive – just another slow amble through the French countryside, or what I could see of it through sheets of rain. I sacked off after 5k – the distances are not that impressive so far, but I’ll crank things up next week.

I’m setting off tonight for Calais – but thanks to some incompetent planning (and a 6 hour drive either side) I’ll need to sleep in a lay-by tonight before catching the ferry first thing tomorrow. Only after filling the car have I realised that I can no longer recline the front seat, so it’ll be a night of sitting bolt upright like a startled giraffe….

If you’re planning to drive along the M4 tomorrow then give any small black cars you see a wide berth…..

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