Day 17 and 18

  • Distance – 0km and 7km
  • Total Distance – 122km

Well Day 17 was a write off. My knee was a mess. It was sore even walking on it. After an internal debate I decided to take the super-wuss option of a second day off in Janathon. Unprecedented. Amazing scenes. Etc. Expecting the knee to still be terrible today it was something of a surprise that the Day 18 run was not only easy, but transformatively faster than anything I’ve run so far this month. This was partially due to a combination of nice weather and the feeling of joy when a body part is overperforming, but also because I was tormenting runners on the prom by chasing them down and running past them at high speed. Some would call this competitive spirit, others might call it “being an arsehole” – either way it is one of life’s simple pleasures to power past someone half your age wearing very expensive running equipment while trying very, very hard to appear nonchalant while doing so.

Unfortunately all this nonchalant fast-running meant I ran out of puff early and had to stop at 7km. These trials and tribulations have set me adrift of the top 10. I need that nee to hold things together next week. Both our respective dignities are at stake.

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